Castaner size & height guide

Castaner size & height guide

Castaner size & height guide

The beautiful Castaner, an iconic Spanish wedge espadrille sandal we all know and love! Sometimes it can be a little difficult to decide which size, style and heel height is best for you, so stick around to find out more. 

Firstly we have the 60mm, this is the lowest wedge heel available, it's extremely comfortable, easy to walk in and still gives you enough height to feel uplifted. We can comfortably say this is a great espadrille for day-to-day use.


Castaner Carina 60 in ivory

Next up, the 80mm, this is the in between height available, it's that bit more uplifting than the 60mm and is perfect for those summer evenings when you want to dress up and look and feel amazing! 


Castaner Carina 80 Tostado

And finally the 100mm, this is the largest heel out of the three, the most appropriate when you want some serious elevating. It's the same height as the 80 but includes a platform to get that extra bit of height which is still just as comfortable. These are perfect for when you want to show off your tanned legs in your favourite dress.



Carina 100 in Dusty Pin

Fit tips

We always suggest, if you are between sizes to go down a size. When your espadrilles arrive they should feel snug, after a few wears the natural canvas uppers and woven heel will relax, so make sure they are not too big to begin with!

The Chiara style are a wider, more generous fit to the other styles, so bear this in mind when choosing your size.

We have a range of toe shapes and styles. The Catalina and Bluma both have a frayed edge detail; while the Carina is the classic almond-toes shape that Castaner are known for and great if you want that classic, timeless look. Chiara has the same almond toe but with a wide v front for a subtly different look.


We are a UK stockist of Castaner and have a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from, shop our collection today. 

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