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Meet the brand... INUIKII

Meet the brand... INUIKII


With autumn on our doorstep, we've started to release new shoes into our FW21 collection, and as part of that we're excited to welcome new brand, INUIKII to My Fashion Tribu for FW21.

INUIKII is a Swiss footwear label renowned for creating unique, statement shoes specially for the colder weather.


The Inspiration behind INUIKII

INUIKII was born out of a desire to create fashion-forward footwear for the winter months. Founder Cinzia Maag and her family were familiar with the mountainous Alps surrounding them in Switzerland but their love for all cold weather expanded further to Greenland as their source of inspiration.

The Greenland winters became a muse not only for their shoes but their brand name. INUIKII is made up of two Inuit words, Inu and Ikii.

Inu means beautiful and is often used to describe beautiful girls, and Ikii means cold. When you put the two words together, they form a short story of what INUIKII is, the beauty of the cold.


What makes INUIKII unique?

The concept behind the product design is not only a desire to create high quality footwear that works for everyone, but create shoes that enhance their identity and outlast trends so INUIKII shoes can be worn each and every year. 

With their love for the beauty of the cold, it comes as no surprise that sustainability is important to INUIKII. They challenge and push themselves to create luxury products in the best possible way so that their shoes fit the world in which we live in today and in the future.


INUIKII and My Fashion Tribu

For our FW21 collection, we have curated three styles from their winter sneakers collections. The sneaker combines a simpler and slimmer form to their boots and mixes the positives of a boot within a more athletic, streamlined structure.

With one line of shearling, the sneakers are comfortable and breathable so they're gentle on the skin. What makes these shoes so unique is the different textile materials which make each individual pair unique.

Check out the three INUIKII sneakers we have in stock for FW21 below! In black, taupe and beige, we're launching the INUIKII collection with the iconic Classic Sneakers. It's the perfect winter essential to take you through rain and snow with a super soft shearling lining to keep you warm.

These classic, statement sneakers are crafted from leather and suede and are suitable for whether you're hitting the city streets or living the mountain life. 


INUIKII Classic Sneaker in Black - £210

INUIKII Classic Black sneakers


INUIKII Classic Sneaker in Taupe - £210

INUIKII Classic Sneaker Boots in Beige


INUIKII Classic Sneaker in Beige £210

INUIKII Classic sneaker wedge boots in beige

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