What to wear between seasons

What to wear between seasons

What to wear between seasons

Spring is officially here but the weather seems to be in disagreement. The seasonal delay makes it sometimes difficult to chose what to wear. Here are some transitional spring shoe trends you can wear before temperatures rise.

Heeled Loafers bring comfort and chic 

 Bibi Lou Valencia Off-White Heeled Loafers

Loafers are always on trend and here are few options we love:

Bibi Lou Molly Camel Leather Loafers

Bibi Lou Zagreb Pistachio Loafers

The Kitten Heels - If you are not ready for a full open-toe sandals, the kitten heels are the right option to wear before the sandals' summer season. You can wear the mules to the office with a suit and with a pair of denim at the weekend. 

Bibi Lou Choco Nude Kitten Heeled Pumps

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